Source: UK HIP HOP 2016



Well its fair to say if you listen to any of the main national radio stations and you have not heard any Uk Hip Hop in the last year or so you must have been living under a rock. Most people would be able to name a handful of rappers at least, in previous years until current names including;

  • Tinie Tempah
  • Professor Green
  • Chip
  • Tinchy Stryder
  • Wretch 32
  • Giggs
  • Lethal Bizzle

Theres no doubt however that this was the year of Skepta  ( @skepta  ) . From Tottenham in North London, and apart of the grime crew BBK, he has had over a remarkable 10 million views for his song shutdown since being uploaded in April this year. Lets not forget, well who can ever forget the Mobo Awards 2015? King Kanye West bought out the whole of bbk (boy better know) on the stage with him. It was like a subliminal message to all us Hip Hop and Grime groupies that the world new about grime, and it was listening! Oh and just a co-sign from one of this generations most successful rappers/singer/funny dancer Drake, you can just hear the crowd go kray for Skepta when Drizzy brought him out on the Wireless main stage. Watch them on stage together by clicking the link below;


  • So your probably thinking that doesn’t sound much like Hip Hop, and your right because that’s Grime the London born fast rap style the came out of the late 90s. While many rappers have seen very little chart success, making exclusions for Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and Lethal Bizzle. The question is will 2016 be the year of grime? Here are some names to look out for;


  • Izzie Gibbs @izziegibbs
  • C Two @theofficialctwo
  • Novelist @novelist
  • Big Zuu @bigzuu
  • AJ Tracey @ajfromthelane
  • Kamakaze @kamakazeLC
  • Reece West @mrreecewest

Watch KAMAKAZE new @JDZMEDIA freestyle video  below;


So weres all the Hip Hop gone? Its still here guys no need to panic. First I would have to tell you about GlobalFaction formed in 2006, there a growing group  of creative who focus on working with socially/poliyically conscious artists. If your a Nas fan, love a bit of jay electronica and need some conscious rap in your life then @GlobalFaction wont fail to give you what you need. Its seems their are to many names associated with GlobalFaction that I will just name a few;

  • Logic             @logicarmy
  • Akala            @akalamusic
  • Amy True
  • Malachi        @lyricalanomaly
  • Cyclonious  @cyclonious
  • Tha 4orce    @Tha4orce

Here is one of the most recent YouTube posts consisting of rapper Cyclonious and producer Tha 4orce, together they are UHURU;



High Focus Tv! There main aim as it states on their website ;  is to resurrect the legacy of UK Hip Hop, I can say their not doing a bad job at all.  Established since 2010 as a platform for a new generation of rappers and producers. I have personally been listening to their channel since early 2012 and have never been disappointed, with a steady flow of releases, majority of which are at a great standard. Once again it seems their are to many names to mention with so many album, EP and mix tapes released this year alone im clearly spoilt for choice here, but ill mention some of my favs;

  • Fliptrix                                 @mrfliptrix
  • Dirty Dike                            @dirtydikesmb
  • Smellington Piff                @smellingtonpiff
  • Ocean Wisdom                   @ocean_wisdom
  • Lee Scott                              @tinfoilfronts
  • Dead players                       @actualjambaxter @bigdabbla
  • Edward Scissor Tongue   @ed_scissor
  • Mr Key                          

Here’s something a lil breathe taken in all honesty from Mr Key and Greenwood Sharps @greenwoodsharps ;


High Focus Records are proud to present Mr Key & Greenwood Sharps – Icarus Instinct, lifted from their highly anticipated debut album ‘Yesterday’s Futures’ Featuring Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Dirty Dike & Ronnie Bosh. The album is out now on High Focus Records on CD, digital and limited edition gatefold vinyl.

Their are many names you should keep an ear out for in 2016

  • Loyle Carner
  • Benny Mails
  • Callahan
  • Jadasea
  • Eme Afro
  • Nadia Rose
  • Rio Young
  • Cee Major
  • Jessie James (Solomon)
  • Danny Lover
  • Stinkin Slum





Should we still Celebrate Christmas?

With 25th shortly approaching, many can not contain that warm feeling of Christmas day when your awoken by your loved ones after too many discounted booz from your local Super Market. You then spend the morning unwrapping materialistic presents you may or may not want, (who wanted a selfie stick this time 2 years ago?)  nonetheless its a time for you to reflect on what you have that others do not.


ON THE STREET AT CHRISTMAS.      Unfortunately according to the Department for Communities and Local Government, HOMELESSNESS rose by 37% between 2013 and 2014 in the capital, and by 14% in the rest of the country. According to 7,500 people sleep rough in London IN 2014/2015 a number that has doubled in the last  years 10% have been in the armed forces. The rise in homelessness is apparently down to Welfare Reforms and Chronic Housing Shortage. Of course these both play a strong component to the situation however, I strongly feel its down to the fact that the homeless are not seen as a priority, have no voice and are seen as the bottom of the food chain in our society.

AM I HOMELESS?       Lets not forget that 45% of rough sleepers in the capital are Uk Nationals, 8% of under 25s said they had been homeless since 2009.

When most people think of homelessness they think of someone sleeping on the streets. However, hidden homelessness is rife in London. Nationwide, it affects 400,000 people in the UK at any given time. The vast majority of homeless people exist out of sight in

  • Hostels
  • Temporary accommodation such as B&Bs
  • Sofa-surfing (moving between friends’ houses)
  • Squatting
  • Living in conditions of severe overcrowding

All of these are as a result of having no other option. Living in such temporary and uncomfortable conditions leads to further problems. For example, how can you hold down a job if you don’t know where you will be staying from day to day, or if you cannot sleep because of overcrowding? It puts a tremendous strain on mental health and leads to further problems such as illness, relationship breakdown and social depravation. With more and more of us getting in to debt its not difficult to see why the numbers are rising. Just think of how many people have taken loans out to fund them over the Christmas period, chances are majority of them wont be able to pay back by next years Christmas.

WHAT CAN I DO?    So you would like to give back to those who need it. You know that horrible xmas jumper that your aunt brought you that you don’t like or that box of chocolates you said you wont eat because of your diet? Well give them to the homeless they will be more than grateful and you will also feel great knowing your helping people. After all this is the season to be jolly and celebrate Jesus Christ who was all about giving. So just remember Christmas morning when your around loved ones that unfortunately some people are not as lucky as you, but you have the power to make a difference.



Merry Christmas to all!